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Mobile B2B Web-Apps

Mobile web apps built on a framework and using CSS libraries that bring to life a custom look-and-feel provide the best mix of longevity and flexibility.

The lifecycle of B2B web apps differs a lot from that one of an e-commerce landing page. Usually a landing page lasts for a season and gets replaced the next season, adapting to the evolution of the market. Even presentation websites should change at least every second year to keep pace with the changes in web design and customer expectations. Often they are developed by agile teams, with short release cycles.

B2B applications in contrast have a longer lifecycle, are often built on a CI/CD pipeline and involve midsize to big teams. Launch deadlines of one year or longer are quite common. Thus it is important to choose the optimal frameworks and tools to ensure that the user expectations are being met when the web application launches.

That's why we continue to educate ourselves to keep up with the latest updates in technology. We are currently upgrading from JavaScript to Typescript and React JS. We are also anxious to participate in a new project that uses PWA (Progressive Web Apps) features.

Please send us an inquiry for our mobile portfolio per e-mail at apps@ceteras.de !

    React JS Training
  • Securing React Applications
  • React Basics

Mobile Apps with Cordova

In the past we have used Phonegap to convert Mobile Web Apps build with JavaScript into smartphone apps which can be deployed in the Google or Apple Play Store just like native Apps. These apps get verified by the publisher (Google or Apple) and users are able to install them on their device the usual way.

Since 2020 Phonegap is no longer available, thus older projects must be upgraded - an alternative is Apache Cordova, which we have also used for a commissioned app for rental management.

Apps built with JavaScript and Cordova tend to shorten up the development phase. In turn there might be an increased maintenance cost due to the number of tools being used under the hood. An update of the mobile OS can trigger the need for an upgrade as well as new versions of the JavaScript library being used.

App Icons

We create app icons in our own media lab, with the helping hand of our cooperation partners.

We are members of the organizations: webgrrls.de e.V., VGSD e.V. and regularly visit conferences to keep up with the mobile and web trends.

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