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Java Applications and the Power of Backward Compatibility

Many J2EE applications have a long lifecycle that demands continuous maintainance. It is not unusual that a succesful application still runs on an earlier Java version. With growing maturity the need comes to minimize the risks of breaking the existing functionality.

We program frontend and backend components for integration in existing applications. Our team can build plain Java multi-tier applications as well as combine Java backends with JavaScript/TypeScript frontends.

Usually, web-based services tend to change faster and it is quite common to have a completely new web frontend every two to three years, while Java based products tend to live for five years or longer, depending on the usage scenarios and the application domain.

Training that Matters

Our practical use of the Java programming language starts back in the year 2000 with JDK 1.3.

Since then, a lot has changed and looking forward to the announced upcoming SDK releases, there are new features that are important for the day-to-day programming tasks.

That's why, we also take part in trainings and conferences. And not just for the Java platform. Our team has also built expertise in areas such as React JS, SalesForce development and keeps an open mind when it comes to new technologies.

Application Domains

  • Cloud Computing
  • Workflow Management
  • CRM
  • Order Processing
  • Task and Reminder Management
  • Continuous Integration, Continous Delivery, SCRUM, Agile Development


  • Java 8 (Legacy-Anwendungen), Java 11, Java 17
  • Java Frontend with JFC, Canoo Framework
  • Web Frontends based on JSP, Struts, Java Server Faces
  • Backend Development including Hibernate
  • SalesForce Apex Development
  • Spring Boot
  • JDBC, SQL, Database Development
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