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Over 20 Years of Programming Experience

After being employed for 20 years in small to mid-size companies in the bigger area of the city Cologne, 2021 we had started the freelance development company Ceteras Webapps. Our present day services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Programming Java applications using JDK 11 to 17;
  • Migrating legacy code (C, Java, JavaScript) to Java or TypeScript/React JS
  • Creating long living mobile websites for freelancer, small businesses and mid-size companies;
  • User Experience Design and development;
  • Mobile First Websites and mobile apps.

Our Website Package

Website Package

Find out more about our small business solution for individual websites now!

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2024 Freelance Unlocked

These conference takes place in Belin on May 15th and 16th. I am really excited to meet new people, have good conversations, network and attend informative sessions!

AI for Software Developers

These topics are next on my bucket list:

  • ChatGPT is here to stay! It is useful for developers? can this tool help with day-to-day tasks?
  • Zoom with AI Companion use cases and benefits for customer communication.
  • GitHub Copilot know-how.

Responsive Websites

Mobile-friendly websites display the information that website visitors need, on smartphone, tablets and smaller screens as well as on laptops and monitors. Some of the important features are the page loading time and the user experience of your site.

The performance check that we can apply to your website reveals any potential problems. We use the Mobile First best practices to optimise your website for mobile devices.

User Experience has a bigger importance with online shops and websites planned for B2C scenarios. Please read here more >>

Mobile Apps

Our package for mobile apps programming was discontinued. We only offer upgrades from hybride Phonegap apps to Apache Cordova. 2020 the Phonegap build tool stopped being available so if your company wishes to migrate to Cordova, send us a message:

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Web Development with React JS

React JS development replaces our previous Widgets package that was directed to webmasters. We used React JS for the first time 2020 on an e-commerce project. 2022 and 2023 we took a couple of refresher trainings. There is some related information on the linked page

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